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Coming soon: Western Australia’s first universally accessible and sustainable group camping and retreat centre.

Everybody will be welcome at Temporary Community.

School camp is a rite of passage that symbolises independence; an intense shared experience that is remembered for a lifetime. It should be available to all children – regardless of ability, health or religion. That’s why we’re building Temporary Community, a universally accessible and sustainable campsite for all. People of all ages will be able to strengthen their connections by coming together with a common purpose in a beautiful natural environment. After all the more inclusive camping is, the richer the experience.

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Breaking new ground.

Perth’s first new campsite in over 30 years will be built less than 100km from the CBD. Temporary Community will showcase what is possible with sound planning and design, green materials and technology, and the support of government, community and the corporate sector. It could provide a base for academic research into resource usage and will offer educational opportunities for all who visit.

Here’s what shape our Temporary Community will take:

  • Architecturally designed using green, smart building technology
  • Accommodation for up to 320 people
  • 80 bedrooms with flexible configurations
  • Option to accommodate several groups at once
  • Landscaped to give groups space and privacy
  • Artificial lake (with solar powered filtration) for swimming and kayaking
  • Accessible high ropes course, flying fox, climbing walls, challenge course and artificial caving
  • Multi-purpose gymnasium, theatre and conference facility
  • On-site accommodation for staff and their families

A new way of camping.

More adventure for students, less admin for schools. Our innovative booking system will allow campers to book and pay online. You’ll be able to see who’s registered to attend, who’s paid, and who has special needs.

Maximum fun. Minimum risk. All activities will be underpinned by a comprehensive Safety Policy that identifies and manages risk to acceptable levels.

People are at the heart of community. Our caring and qualified team will be there to help your children get the most out of their camp experience.

Everyone stays safe. Temporary Community will employ the latest fire protection methods, access control within the facility, smart design and the highest standards in food preparation.

Sustainability leads to affordability. We will be a model of sustainability with solar panels, rainwater tanks, a grey water system and recycling of organic matter. This will lower operating costs so we can keep fees to a minimum.

A camp with a conscience. Temporary Community will be set up as a social enterprise. We will hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of transparency, governance and our impact on society and the environment.